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Each week we come together to worship, consider our need for God’s grace, reflect on the greatness of Christ’s work, and follow God’s call as his children. If you are already a member of, or regularly attend Draper’s Valley PCA, we encourage you to see how you can become better engaged in the life of the church. If you have moved to our community or have otherwide been looking for a faithful church community, we welcome you and encourage you to join us. To all, we are glad that ou have found us on the web. Come and meet us!

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We welcome to our church the Reverend David Gilleran. He has been called by the session to serve as Stated Supply Pastor while our church seeks a new Senior Pastor. Pastor Gilleran comes to us from the Hope Presbyterian Church in Martinsville where he is the retired pastor. He currently serves as the Stated Clerk of the Blue Ridge Presbytery. Pastor Gilleran will continue to live in the Martinsville area but will spend Sunday through Tuesdays in the Pulaski area. Pastor Gilleran is married, and his wife’s name is Kathryn (Kathy). Please welcome David to DVPC. (Rev. Gilleran’s contact info: 251-209-8154; [email protected] )

Weekly Schedule

Opening Exercises in the Fellowship Hall
Sunday School for All Ages
Fellowship Time
Morning Worship
Choir Rehearsal
Evening Worship
Men's Bible Study
Supper in the Fellowship Hall
Prayer & Bible Study for Adults
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Psalm 130

Ways to Give

You can mail your tithe via check to the church directly at 2755 Old Baltimore Road, Draper, VA 24324.

Online Banking

If you already use online banking — the easiest way to give is to setup a regular transaction through your bill pay app. Simply designate Draper's Valley Presbyterian Church as a regular payment receipient, setup a schedule, and your bank will send a check to the church address.

Electronic Transfer

Electronic Fund Trafers are setup online or in person at your bank. Your bank will make a widthdrawl from your account and send it to DVPC's account electronically. Your bank may charge a fee to do this. To send via EFT, please contact Frank Oglesby at (540) 320-3731 or email him.


Tithe.ly is an internet service for churches that offers debit/credit card giving and electronic transfer of funds. There is a small transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30 for each credit/debit card transaction on this service or 1% + $0.30 for direct-deposit. There is also an option to cover the transaction fee.